Cynthia's Upcoming Live Events

Hear me speak live or work with me at a group event
Nothing beats the synergy and the clarity from getting together
with other parents who have similar questions to you.
I love the inspiration I get from like-minded people coming together!  If you don’t see an event near you, contact me, and let’s set something up.

Fall 2021
Advocacy Related Empowerment Events

July 24 - Sept 18 Fall Empowered Parent Advocate Bootcamp

I’ve up-leveled my parent training course on special education!

I’ve developed a system for making the special ed process understandable to parents so that they can confidently advocate and negotiate for a increase in special ed services based on their child’s needs.  You’ll learn:

  • Effective Communication
  • How to Understand Your Child’s School Evaluation
  • How the IEP (Individual Education Plan) is constructed
    • How to write a powerful statement of strengths and weakness
    • How to write powerful goals
  • Master the ARD/IEP Meeting
  • How to follow up and make sure the IEP is implemented

The course includes a bonus of:

  • 10 hours of coaching from me ($1,000)
  • Email access and revision of emails you’d like to send to the school


Fall 2021
Caring for the Caregiver Events

Aaaaah-Shop: Caring for the Caregiver

Learn a variety of relaxation and self care techniques at this 3 hour workshop.

DATE:  Sept 25, 9-12

WHERE:  Paradigm Development Center
                   12510 Malcomson Rd.; Hou; 77070

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