Cynthia's Upcoming Live Events

Hear me speak live or work with me at a group event
Nothing beats the synergy and the clarity from getting together
with other parents who have similar questions to you.
I love the inspiration I get from like-minded people coming together!  If you don’t see an event near you, contact me, and let’s set something up.

Spring 2020
Advocacy Empowerment Events

May 8, 2020 Tips for Getting Compensatory Time

This is the annual Partners Resource Network: TEAM conference for the Region 4 area.  The Conference will be virtual due to the CoVid19 restraints.  Click the link below to register for the Zoom call.  It will be from 11-2. 

June TBA, 2020 Building a SMART Transition Plan

 Learn how to apply the IEP tools to build a smart transition plan.  Learn what the basic components of a good transition plan are as well as the obstacles to creating one are.  Call in to learn about various topics at this virtual conference. More details as they are announced.

Summer 2020. Speak Up For Your Child Bootcamp

While you can take the bootcamp anytime, this program allows you walk through the course with me and have weekly live Q&A sessions.

TBA-Week 1:  Knowing Who
TBA-Week 2:  Supercharge Your IEPs
TBA-Week 3:  Build An Expert Team
TBA-Week 4:  All About Timelines
TBA-Week 5: Documentation

Spring 2020
Caring for the Caregiver Events

TBA Extreme Self Care for Moms

Because advocacy is stressful, you have to take time for caring for yourself.  Gentle stretching, breathing, and mindfulness exercises will allow you to leave feeling refreshed.  This class is a restorative time for you.  Please, no kids in the class.

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