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My Approach

After working as a direct 1:1 advocate for a decade, I realized that when parents didn’t understand their rights and their child’s rights, they were still at a disadvantage. Even if I was sitting at their side and advising them, they still were confused about which option to choseI realized that the parents I had mentored in the fundamentals developed clarity and confidence to make decisions. I teach you how to build relationships that will help you and your child as well as identify the trouble makers and how to hold them accountable.  Once you understand the basics, you will have what you need to advocate well for your child even if you’re not paying an advocate to sit next to you. 

What Is Parent Mentoring?

What if my child isn't in special ed yet?

Perfect!  That’s the best time to learn because the evaluation happens as the first step in the process.  This is an area where parents make mistakes.

How long does it take?

It depends on your situation.  If you are completely new to special education, you need a combination of help writing the initial evaluation request and then you need to go through the bootcamp.  Start with a 30 min free 1 on 1.

What if I don't know what I need?

Schedule a free 1 on 1 consult.  That’s a 30 min review of your situation with your next 3 best steps.

What if I just have a simple question?

Then you would love my “Ask the Advocate” phone series, or you can join my private FaceBook group.

What if I can't afford to hire someone now?

Then go to my Autism FAQ page, and click on the question “How do I know my child is getting what he needs at school?”  You will find a list of FREE resources.

How Do I know If Mentoring

is Right For Me?

Parents have different situations. Schedule your free 1:1 to find out whether I can give you the help you need.

My child was just diagnosed and is not in school yet.

You need to take my Empowered Parent Advocate Bootcamp.  Scroll down to the “take my course” box and click Learn More About The Course

My child was just diagnosed and is in school.

You need to take my Empowered Parent Advocate Bootcamp.  Scroll down to the “Parent Mentoring” box and click Request me to Mentor You.

My child has a 504 plan but needs more.
We need to talk.  Scroll down to the “Parent Mentoring” box and click Request me to Mentor You.
My child is in special ed, and I'm really frustrated with the school.
At the minimum, you need some mentoring, but you may need a whole lot more.  I won’t know until you’ve filled out an information form about your situation and we’ve had a chance to talk.  Scroll down to the “Parent Mentoring” box and click Request me to Mentor You.
I'm going to due process.

The you need to find a lawyer.  While you can represent yourself or hire an advocate, you will really get better results by hiring a lawyer.  There are good ones in the area.  Start with COPAA or asking in your parent support groups for who they recommend.

Advocacy Services

I will attend ARD meetings in the Greater Houston area in person.  I will need to know a little about you first, so please send me some info about your child.

Take My Course

The Empowered Parent Advocate Bootcamp will help you understand your and your child’s rights.  Look at the Events page to see when the next course will begin.   Set up an call to see if this 8 week on-line coaching and training program is for you.

Parent Mentoring

Sometimes you have a unique situation and tricky choices to make about which battles are worth fighting.    I’ve successfully navigated clients for over 15 years.  Scroll down to learn more about mentoring.

Autism RoadMap

I work with parents of newly diagnosed children with autism as well as those transitioning to adulthood to go from overwhelmed and confused to confident so that they have a plan & tools that will carry them forward.

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